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Broken Arrow Newsletter

Operation Broken Arrow Newsletter

"How Trump Got Control of the Border"

NRO: "In a few months, if it hasn’t already, President Trump’s legacy at the border is going to look much better even to skeptical observers." "Counter to the image of the administration taking a blunderbuss approach to everything related to immigration, the push at the border was a thoughtful, creative, and well-coordinated effort across government agencies and between sovereign countries." "The key insight of the administration’s immigration hawks, though, was that the statutory authority already existed to establish order at the border. It was just that the laws providing crucial enforcement tools had never been used, or become encrusted over time with...

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"So God Made a Farmer"

Washington Examiner: "Vice President Mike Pence took a dig at 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg for his comments about farmers." "The vice president, who hails from the agriculture hub of Indiana, tweeted on Monday a commercial made by Dodge for the 2013 Super Bowl, with the caption, 'So God Made a Farmer.'" "The commercial features a 1978 speech from radio broadcaster Paul Harvey." View Our Farming Collection Here

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"Trump Delivers The Most Pro-Life, Pro-Family State of the Union in History"

The Federalist: "President Donald Trump’s joint address to Congress Tuesday evening was the most pro-life, pro-family State of the Union speech delivered by a modern president. Between the ordinary, yet excellent Americans as his guests of honor, and his imploring of Congress to pass pro-family legislation, Trump accomplished his goal of displaying an agenda that is 'relentlessly pro-worker, pro- family, pro-growth, and most importantly, pro-American./” "One of Trump’s special guests for the evening was Ellie Schneider from Kansas City, Missouri, who was born at 21 weeks and six days, and one of the youngest premature babies ever to survive in...

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"Trump rally draws thousands, many less involved in politics"

NHUL: "MANCHESTER — New Hampshire has had no shortage of political rallies over the weekend. But the scale and broad appeal of Monday’s rally for President Donald Trump made it a different kind of event."

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Is this Trump’s best week in office?

Spectator: "Any future history of the decline and fall of the American Republic ought to include a page or two on the Iowa caucuses of February 3, 2020. It’s a meltdown story for the ages. The Democratic party, desperate to undo the victory of Donald Trump in 2016, somehow managed utterly to cock up its first meaningful vote in 2020. The calamity is so great that it may turn the whole Democratic primary — and therefore this presidential election year — into a farce. That suits President Trump. ‘Big WIN for us in Iowa tonight,’ he tweeted, on Tuesday night, as...

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