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"How Trump Got Control of the Border"

NRO: "In a few months, if it hasn’t already, President Trump’s legacy at the border is going to look much better even to skeptical observers."

"Counter to the image of the administration taking a blunderbuss approach to everything related to immigration, the push at the border was a thoughtful, creative, and well-coordinated effort across government agencies and between sovereign countries."

"The key insight of the administration’s immigration hawks, though, was that the statutory authority already existed to establish order at the border. It was just that the laws providing crucial enforcement tools had never been used, or become encrusted over time with regulatory practices and judicial decisions that made the system balky and ultimately unworkable."

"If the name of the game in border enforcement is keeping migrants out of the United States, because it will be difficult or impossible to remove them once again, Biden is moving toward giving up on enforcement."

"The Trump team handed him a road map to controlling the border that he doesn’t want to learn from, or even acknowledge, and so the crisis is starting again, with worse likely to come."

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