"Byron York: How bad does border have to be for Democrats to admit it' – TrumpStoreAmerica
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"Byron York: How bad does border have to be for Democrats to admit it's an emergency?"

The Washington Examiner: "Is there any number of illegal border crossings into the United States that would strike Democrats as an emergency?"

"...the border numbers are surging back to the bad old days. It appears that Customs and Border Protection apprehended more than 100,000 people in March..."

"Now, however, the nature of the flow has changed. Today, the large majority of those caught crossing are families and unaccompanied children. They are not trying to sneak in, they are crossing for the purpose of giving themselves over to the Border Patrol. They do that knowing U.S. law forbids them being returned, or separated, or even held for more than a few days. In short order, they are released into the United States."

"An expanded and strengthened border barrier would help in the long run. But in the immediate crisis, Trump realizes that the U.S. must change its policy of giving immediate and de facto permanent entry to virtually anyone requesting asylum. A large majority do not have a valid claim yet get to stay in the United States anyway."

" 'Democrats, working with Republicans in Congress, can fix the asylum and other loopholes quickly,' Trump tweeted Monday. 'We have a major National Emergency at our Border. GET IT DONE NOW!' "

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