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"Democrats Court Electoral Disaster With Trump Hearings"

American Greatness: "The Democrats should be changing the subject, and running away from President Trump’s legal issues as fast as they can."

"It is illustrative of how completely invested they were in the hare-brained fraud of Russian collusion, that they are having such a crisis of separation from the subject. They are not the only losers in this fiasco, though they are the biggest losers."

"They are left trying to pretend that they have an invitation to impeach from special counsel Robert Mueller, but that is not correct."

"The extravagant, knife-edge judgment call the House of Representatives Democrats have been pretending to be considering about whether to impeach or not is bunk—self-improvised therapy to cushion their psychological plunge from confidence they could take down the president, to the grim awakening to the legal vulnerabilities of the Obama Administration and the Clinton campaign in confecting this monstrous fraud of Trump-Russian collusion."

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